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Industry-leading technology for data extraction.

Tables vary in terms of the number of columns, rows, and input of the cells. It’s a challenge for most OCR tools, but not for Alphamoon’s engine. Your invoices and reports will be transcribed into structured sets of data, ready for further use and application.

AI OCR handles the pre-processing stage of your docs.

Before your documents are ready for data extraction, they need to be digitized and scanned. With Optical Character Recognition, supported by AI, your team can upload any document disregarding its layout. AI OCR recognizes tables, handwriting, stamps, graphs, and other layout objects and prepares them for data extraction.

OCR for English, French, German, Spanish & more.

If your company needs to process international invoices, contracts, etc., Alphamoon is there to help. Our engine recognizes most languages based on the Latin alphabet, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Czech, Slovakian, Romanian, and Bulgarian.

A system for queuing & approving tasks.

Teams working on documents need a clear system to queue them up for review and approval. Alphamoon provides a cloud-based space for document storage. Each document is pre-processed using our AI OCR, parsed, and tagged if needed. Then, your team checks the data extraction result and queues the validated documents for further approval.

Easy overview of documents within a set.

Your files always need to be in perfect order. Tagging your docs based on the name of a vendor or collaborator enables you to create separate files. All of the accumulated documents are viewable in your dashboard. That also means faster cross-referencing of data and finding pieces of information directly in digitized documents.

Optimize your document processing with industry-leading OCR.

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