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04 Jun 2021
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Alphamoon Gains 5-Star Rating on Clutch for a Recent Software Development Project

The quality of the software is the top priority during the entire project life cycle. From its inception to execution, both the developer and the client need to consider every aspect of the development process and explore different techniques to ensure a well-designed and functional digital product.

Our team at Alphamoon upholds value and client satisfaction during and after the development procedure. We understand that the vision of our clients is most important to them, and we’re always prepared to provide top-tier solutions in the face of any roadblocks. Equipped with the most advanced technologies in the market, we help businesses craft software that not only encapsulates but also elevates their branding.

In our mission to deliver cost-effective services, we recently received another 5-star Clutch review from one of our partners. The review paints the full picture of our partnership with our client Hertz Systems Ltd., a manufacturer of advanced GPS systems across various industries.

To give you the full context, allow us to first describe what Clutch is and its role in this partnership.

A B2B ratings and reviews firm in the heart of Washington, DC, Clutch connects businesses with the best-fit service providers to tackle their operational challenges. Clutch does this by providing honest and unfiltered ratings and reviews by speaking directly with the clients of a specific service provider, which is how they collected Hertz Systems’ feedback.

Likewise, Clutch’s sister site The Manifest serves as an information hub that researchers can use to evaluate agencies. It does this by showcasing a notable project of those specific companies.

In our partnership with Hertz Systems, they needed us “to create an advanced security system software for securing selected buildings using AI technology and advanced hardware,” as worded by our main contact Zygmunt Rafał Trzaskowski in his interview with Clutch.

After reviewing the project, we went ahead and submitted a proof of concept. From there, a successful and productive partnership blossomed.

“We’re going to launch the solution provided by Alphamoon soon. We are happy about the results and want to develop [them] further. Their team is always making sure the project is running the best way it can,” said Trzaskowski.

To find out more about this project, check out the full case study on our Clutch profile. You can also get in touch with us to talk to our team – click below.

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