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11 Jan 2023

Learn how you can boost document processing using AI and OCR | Free Alphamoon Webinars in 2023

We kick off 2023 with a bunch of free online webinars to help you start your document automation journey. Take a look at the events, each dedicated to a specific document type, and save your spot for the event that fits your business needs.

New year, new budgets, new goals, right?

With the threat of global recession looming, you’re likely on the lookout for ways to speed up tedious processes and have more time on your plate for business development.

Document automation might be a way to optimize some of your processes, notwithstanding the size of your business or the industry you operate in.

For the record – while implementing any software is relatively easy, the hard part is understanding all its work’s benefits. At the end of the day, you’re supposed to get a positive ROI on your project. Therefore, Alphamoon’s kicking off an online Document Processing Academy to open the floor for discussing Intelligent Document Processing. It is dedicated to process managers, team leaders, and business owners working daily with document processing.

Below, we present a number of events. Save your spot, and check out the recommended readings per each webinar to kick off the academy journey!

Invoice processing webinar

Invoice Processing

Date: 9.02.2023 – past event

Duration: 45 mins

Since invoices differ among almost every vendor, traditional OCR, which relies on specific templates, isn’t any good. You need reliable software that automatically extracts data containing fields like invoice numbers, bank account numbers, addresses, and particular amounts. Errors which occur when manually typing all this data into ERP systems can be costly.

During this webinar, our business leaders, Andrew Horrocks (Head of Global Sales) and Kajetan Wyrzykowski (Head of Marketing) shed light on the practical dimension of automated invoice processing – business benefits, various industry applications, and practical tips on where to begin.

Missed this webinar? No worries, you can still catch up on all discussed during the event – here is a YouTube link to the recording.

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Passports and IDs processing webinar

Identity Documents Processing

Date: Date to be announced

Duration: 45 mins (Q&A planned)

Did you know that passports and IDs are one of the most challenging documents in terms of automated processing?

Due to the noisy background and visual elements such as photos and country emblems, extracting data from these two types of documents can take time and effort.

While the amount of data stored in passports and IDs is significantly lower than that of invoices or contracts, processing them automatically saves time in the banking, legal, and healthcare industries. During this webinar, we’ll demonstrate the Passports/IDs processing pipeline.

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Receipt Processing

Date: Date to be announced

Duration: 45 mins (Q&A planned)

Receipts – tiny slips of paper with a printed confirmation of the transaction – are the everyday bread of retail sellers. Although most customers tend to throw their copies away, you need to collect them and digitize the transaction details for bookkeeping purposes.

We’ll host another webinar focusing strongly on receipts processing. We’ll show you how the pipeline for processing slips works, which fields Alphamoon extracts automatically, and the practical benefits of receipt OCR.

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Transactional documents workflow webinar

Transactional Documents Workflow (POs, Invoices & Receipts)

Date: Date to be announced

Duration: 45 mins (Q&A planned)

One document automation software for processing all transactional documents in your company? Yes! Alphamoon lets you create separate processes for each type of document, and this webinar will show you how to make transactional document workflows smoother with automation.

We’ll cover the specifics of processing invoices, purchase orders, and receipts, with a deep dive into fields extracted from each type and tips on how to streamline this data for further processing.

Recommended reading:

Didn’t find the document type you’re looking to automate? Get in touch with our sales team – click here or drop us a line at sales@alphamoon.ai.

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