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The best OCR for extracting data from tables.

Convert images and scans of tables from PDFs and other files into tabular data – ready to feed your spreadsheets, ERP systems, and more.

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Table recognition for PDFs, JPGs, PNGs, and more

Table extraction lets you pull data from documents containing tabular structures, such as financial statements or invoices. Alphamoon’s engine works well with PDFs, JPGs, and PNGs, as well as less common files, including TIFFs, EMPs, and BMPs.

Table Extraction for Invoices

Invoices are the bread and butter of every Accounts Payables Specialist. With Alphamoon, extracting details about line items happens automatically, along with other invoice data. You may also choose only the most relevant fields for your business case.

Designed to hum in your background

With just a few clicks of initial process set-up, Alphamoon can automatically pull documents from a given repository and process them while you focus on your tasks. Check in whenever needed to approve or change extraction results. And don’t worry – you won’t actually hear a beep.

Continual learning

Do you get better at your job with time? So does Alphamoon. Thanks to machine learning and continual learning, the engine adjusts to your documents and improves the results and pace of extraction.

No more of the manual docs processing nightmare.

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