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Alphamoon Intelligent Automation for skip tracing

“Process automation, including skip tracing gives a lot of new opportunities to optimize people’s work and processes. Thanks to it, employees do not waste time searching through hundreds of documents, which allows them to be engaged in more creative tasks. Processes can be shorter and more effective. Thanks to the project, our organization has reduced the time needed to obtain the information required in the processes. It has a positive impact on both the cost and revenue side of KRUK S.A.’s operations, and also releases and strengthens the potential for further development – comments Adrian Sutuła, Manager of the Reach Building Process at KRUK S.A.

The Challenge.

Documentation of debt collection companies is a valuable source of information about indebted people. From bank history sheets to addresses and even flight tickets, the range of documents constitutes a challenge for any AI.

The skilful and efficient use of the data contained in those documents determines the competitive advantage of the particular debt collection company. KRUK S.A. was looking for a solution that would allow it to introduce the process of automatic search for information in their documentation by various areas of the organization (including skip tracing, law firm).

The desired service was supposed to enable the automatic discovery of data on indebted persons or other information allowing for compliance with the law and internal procedures, as well as the effective implementation of claims enforcement processes.

The collected files of debt collection cases are often collections containing several dozen multi-page documents (files) of various formats. Until now, hundreds of pages within individual cases were analyzed “visually” by the company’s employees. Since most of this work’s been done manually by the company’s employees, any automation could seriously increase the efficiency and allow the team to focus on completing more cases than before.

The company decided that the effective use of document archives is largely determined by the automated and correct search for the required information, which affects the efficiency and effectiveness of debt recovery processes.

The Solution.

Alphamoon – a provider of innovative Intelligent Document Processing solutions – was selected for the project after a tender was announced. KRUK S.A. provided keywords and identifiers that were of interest to employees while viewing the documents.

The Alphamoon Intelligent Automation platform was designed to fit the very particular use case of debt collection and the process of skip tracing.

The client could easily upload documents to it, the system found keywords and corresponding values ​​in them, which were then transferred to the appropriate databases. Data collected and structured in this way was used in other systems of the organization to make decisions and take appropriate actions.

The Benefits.

KRUK S.A. processes up to 400,000 pages of documents per month. Until now, the process of e.g. skip tracing was done manually, which was not conducive to process and cost optimization. Thanks to the Alphamoon Intelligent Automation solution, searching for information in documents was automated and shortened the entire process by up to 70%.

Now employees work immediately on structured data and can focus only on the part of the work that requires their involvement.

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