Alphamoon Platform Updates – September Change Log

Since the beginning of September, you can try out several new features on our online platform. This monthly change log will give you insights into improved platform performance, the first localized language version, and a brand-new tour for smoother onboarding. Let’s dig in!

Key insights:

  • We have rolled out the converters feature, which enables you to unify the formatting of dates, numbers, and time stamps across your documents in a single process
  • The open model based on the zero-shot technology has been improved in terms of accuracy and enriched by tabular data extraction – you can now obtain data from tables in any of your documents
  • Alphamoon now gives you the option to stay GDPR-compliant since we have moved our server to Azure UK
  • The online platform is now available in Polish; more languages are planned until the end of 2023
  • We have also introduced several changes to our app navigation to make the everyday work with the platform smoother

If you are curious about the details of these changes and want to see screenshots to get the gist of the updates, scroll down – we explain each update below.

And if you are new to Alphamoon, click below and create your account.

The new feature allows you to convert data formats

Documents vary in terms of content. But not only that.

An important step in unifying your data within one set of documents is keeping different types of information in one format. One example is date formats, which can be presented in a document in more than 20 various ways if you consider all possible variations (e.g., DD-MM-YY, MM-DD-YY)! Converters will automatically unify dates from the document whenever you export your data to Excel or Google Sheets. 

That’s one manual, repetitive task off your list.

Converters can be set up in the configuration dashboard. You can set up converters while adding new fields in the configuration dashboard or by editing already existing ones. In the latter case, click on the pencil icon to open a panel where formatting can be configured.

How to edit the filed and change its formatting options in Alphamoon

When you click on the pencil icon, you will open a panel where formatting can be configured.

Where to find data formatting menu in Alphamoon

When changing the format, you may choose one of the three predefined types – Number, Date, or Time. In this example, we chose the field “Issue date,” hence the format is Date.

Changing date format in Alphamoon

Choose one of the four existing definitions. This change will apply to all new documents that you upload to Alphamoon. From now on, all dates extracted from your documents will be exported in this unified format.
Tip: If you wish to export your data to spreadsheets, you can read our guide on transferring data from Alphamoon to Google Sheets.

Custom model (our open zero-shot model) increased data extraction accuracy

One of the areas where we constantly improve our models is data extraction accuracy.  This means that the platform will make fewer mistakes when extracting your data, and therefore you spend less time on introducing any changes.

The open model, which enables you to process any document you need, has been the focus over recent weeks, and we’re excited to see its improvement. We have largely improved our LLM (Large Language Model) model with a more powerful module for layout-enriched text representation. 

Now you can extract tabular data from any document with custom models

Another important feature we have rolled out refers to tabular data.

From now on, you can drop upload documents to a custom process – such as financial statements, purchase orders, etc. – containing tables in your custom process without a shade of hesitation.

The open model was retrained to handle tables effectively, bringing you higher accuracy and the ability to edit masks so that you export only the data you need. See below – here’s a sample of a financial statement and several pieces of data taken from it.

Example of a financial statement uploaded to Alphamoon

The custom model is now GDPR-compliant

GDPR compliance is a top priority for any business that utilizes European citizens’ data, and so we have introduced a major change in our hosting. The models are now hosted in Azure UK, which gives you the option to stay GDPR-compliant.

Information about GDPR compliance in Alphamoon

Cześć! Alphamoon is available in Polish now! 🇵🇱

Hey Poland, we have awesome news! Alphamoon supports the Polish language now. 

How do you switch to the Polish language?

Start by entering your Dashboard and clicking “Your Profile” on your left-hand side panel.

View of the Alphamoon platform - user dashboard

This next view is your command center, where you can edit your details, API keys, and language options. From the drop-down list, choose “Polski” and update your settings.

How to change language options in Alphamoon

The platform will automatically reload after you click on the ‘Update settings” button. Now, your entire Dashboard will be shown in Polish.

Polish version of Alphamoon dashboard

And to answer your question – yes, we are working on adding more languages!

Chat and documentation were moved to the top navigation

Worry not! Our chat box didn’t go away.

You can still chat with our team and view the documentation by clicking on the question mark icon in your top right.

Where to find documentation and chat in Alphamoon after new updates

You can quickly move between screens with breadcrumb logic

Simple changes can make a huge impact, right?

Based on our interviews with you, the previous navigation left much to be desired. We added an intuitive breadcrumb navigation on your top left. You can click on each breadcrumb link if you wish to move around the screens quickly.

New functionality of breadcrumbs for easier navigation in Alphamoon

What’s next?

Our plan for October includes the following plans:

  • Video tutorials in the platform will show you how to perform key actions
  • A new feature of document splitting is to be added to the online platform
  • We are launching Continual Learning for supervised models (e.g., invoices)
  • Bringing integrations to the platform and guides on how to utilize Zapier’s powerful connections to create end-to-end automation
  • Add new templates of Use Cases to the platform

That’s a wrap – see you in October!

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