04 Nov 2021
Case studies

Case Study: invoices in OCHK

Client: Operator Chmury Krajowej

Country: Poland

Company size: 10 000 – 15 000 

Products: Alphamoon Intelligent Automation

Automation of processes in the case of our client’s activity will be one of the key success factors. Thanks to it, employees will be able to focus on other, less mechanical activities that require more human attention, which will allow them to better use their potential for more creative and complex tasks” – Jakub Kułak, Data/AI Head, OCHK.


OCHK was looking for a solution for the classification of documents and the extraction of data contained therein. In this way, they wanted to automate repetitive processes in the organization related to the handling of invoices and other documents. The company wanted to test various solutions available on the market and choose the one with the highest success rate.


OCHK found three companies potentially capable of implementing the project – one of them was Alphamoon, a company specializing in artificial intelligence solutions. Alphamoon experts in four weeks created a proof of concept solution that achieved an efficiency of over 70%.

The solution also used the Google Cloud Platform – the client easily sent documents in the form of PDF files to a specific folder, the system downloaded them, processed and uploaded them to another folder in a structured form, where they were available for other internal systems.


The purpose of the implementation was to automate repetitive and tedious processes in the company. Employees will not have to manually browse through thousands of documents in order to classify them and extract the desired information – AI will do everything for them. The high efficiency of the model guarantees the quality of the solution, which is also constantly improved with each correction introduced by the system operators.

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