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Our vision

To be a global product company that pushes the boundaries of automation technology.


Our mission

To empower people in their work and give them back their time by automating everything that can and should be automated.

Our story


In 2015, everyone sensed that business was rapidly moving towards something completely new. Artificial intelligence entered the scene and everyone
subconsciously knew that nothing would ever be the same. With one exception.

Hardly anyone could easily implement artificial intelligence methods back then and gain business value from it.

This is when three friends, machine learning enthusiasts, decide to devote their scientific careers to support entrepreneurs with knowledge and experience in the field of real implementation of AI models.


In 2017 they set up a company, its name was Alphamoon.

Since the beginning the company has grown very quickly. More machine learning professionals joined and companies such as Fortia, Santander Bank, and Hertz Systems started to use its services.


2020 brought a breakthrough. Years of experience led Alphamoon to the point where the company was able to offer its clients a complete automation platform
for document processing, knowledge organization and decision support.

The effectiveness of the platform was confirmed not only by satisfied customers, but also by the KVARKO investment fund, who decided to support the company with pre-seed money.


Today Alphamoon is a dynamically developing team of professionals with one goal.

To empower people in their work and give them back their time by automating everything that can and should be automated. We invite you to enter our world.

Our team

We always deliver top class value becoming a trustworthy partner for our customers.

Paweł Świątek

Adam Gonczarek, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer

AI and machine learning professional with experience in academia and industry. Holder of Ph.D. in computer science. Co-author of scientific publications. Privately passionate about traveling and orienteering.

Paweł Świątek

Paweł Świątek, Ph.D. Chief Operating Officer

ICT expert with a strong scientific and commercial background in design and optimization of distributed service-based systems. Holder of Ph.D. in computer science. Experienced R&D project manager.

Paweł Świątek

Norbert Raus Head of Product

Product Leader with a passion for building great products that bring meaningful impact. Over 15 year of experience in leadership roles. Interested in early musical manuscripts and styles of singing.

Paweł Świątek

Szymon Bazan Business Development Manager

Business-oriented professional with a technical background. Specialist in startup development with client first approach. AI enthusiast, always happy to discuss breakthrough ideas. Marathon runner and a chess player.

Paweł Świątek

Dagmara Żołnieruk Business & Strategy Advisor

Strategy and Business Advisor with computer science and management background. Over 15 years international experience in IT sector with focus on strategic and operational management. Privately biohacker and snowboarder.

Paweł Świątek

Joanna Pietrzyk Junior Marketing Specialist

Aspiring marketing specialist focused on copywriting and marketing automation. Creator of Employee Advocacy at Alphamoon. Interested in new trends in the field of content marketing and foreign languages learning.

Paweł Świątek

Szymon Zaręba, Ph.D. Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Professional machine learning engineer with academic and industrial experience. Holder of Ph.D. in computer science with a specialization in deep learning. Co-author of scientific publications.

Paweł Świątek

Agata Migalska, Ph.D. Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Applied researcher in the field of optimal decision making and machine learning. Experienced software engineer with a demonstrated history of delivering large and scalable software solutions. Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Paweł Świątek

Piotr Dąbrowski Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Developer, Ph.D. student in deep learning, MSc in Computer Science, Python enthusiast and a fan of blockchain technologies.

Paweł Świątek

Jacek Lisiński Python Developer

Experienced Software Engineer. Especially interested in cloud solutions and architecture. Test-Driven Development evangelist.

Paweł Świątek

Konrad Ziaja Python Developer

MSc in Computer Science, python developer and IoT enthusiast. Motorcyclist and footballer.

Paweł Świątek

Michał Kajstura Machine Learning Engineer

BSc in Computer Science, Python enthusiast with 2 years of professional machine learning experience. Interested in using Natural Language Processing for social media analysis.

Paweł Świątek

Martyna Kumaszka Machine Learning Engineer

MSc in computer science with over 2 years of professional experience in machine learning. Member of MLinPL Association. Interested in computer vision and deep learning. Passionate about bikepacking and yoga.

Paweł Świątek

Karolina Cwojdzińska Machine Learning Engineer

MSc in computer science with more than 2 years of Machine Learning experience. Member of MLinPL Association. Especially interested in AI usage for medical issues. Practising yoga in her free time.

Paweł Świątek

Mateusz Baran Machine Learning Engineer

Engineer of Computer Science. Interested in machine learning algorithms and cutting-edge technologies. Python programming enthusiast, fan of Raspberry Pi projects and AI-driven robots.

Paweł Świątek

Mateusz Wójcik Machine Learning Engineer

Ph.D. student, MSc of Computer Science with practical experience in machine learning. Fan of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. Python programming enthusiast.

Paweł Świątek

Witold Kościukiewicz Machine Learning Engineer

Ph.D. student, MSc in Data Science with 2 years experience in machine learning and software development. Python programming enthusiast interested in different artificial intelligence fields, especially in deep learning, natural language processing and commonsense reasoning.

Paweł Świątek

Gabriela Relikowska Junior Machine Learning Engineer

MSc in data science. Interested in several AI fields such as deep learning and optimization methods.

Paweł Świątek

Paweł Mader Junior Machine Learning Engineer

Holder of MSc in Computer Science. Interested in several AI fields, especially in deep-learning. Passionate musician.

Paweł Świątek

Marta Trybała UX Designer

Product Designer with 8 years of experience in a field. Determined to provide great user experience in web & mobile world. Privately loves to cook, a good TV show and spending time with her family and friends.

Paweł Świątek

Marta Wolniewicz Office Assistant

Office assistant with three years of experience. The trade and publishing industry is also very well known to her. Always willing to help. Privately yoga, books and mountains lover.

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