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We are the future of document processing.

Alphamoon automates the most complex processes by introducing AI, ML, and NLP techniques into one platform. Behind the curtains, we believe that even the best AI needs people driving it. Like us – most likely the best team you’ll ever work with.

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Our vision: A global platform for document processing.

Alphamoon will become the global platform for document processing and knowledge extraction. Our products will empower teams all around the world to process document data faster.


Our mission: To help you work smarter.

We want a world where people focus on tasks that put their best to work. Through automation, we empower teams to tap into their true potential, drive change in their companies and change the way they think about AI.

Our story


AI is in the air.

In 2015, everyone sensed that business was rapidly moving towards something revolutionary. Artificial intelligence entered the scene. However, hardly anyone could easily implement AI methods back then and gain business value from it.

That is when three friends, machine learning enthusiasts, decided to devote their scientific careers to support entrepreneurs with knowledge and experience in the field of real implementation of AI models.


Say hi to Alphamoon – a new kid on the block!

We made our first baby steps, but with fast growth. More machine learning professionals joined, and companies such as Fortia, Santander Bank, and Hertz Systems started to use our tailor-made services.


Document automation platform arrives.

2020 brought a breakthrough. Years of experience led Alphamoon to the point where offered a complete automation platform for document processing, knowledge organization and decision support.

The effectiveness of the platform was confirmed not only by satisfied customers, but also by the KVARKO investment fund, who decided to support the company with pre-seed funding. Yay!


Laying ground for future growth.

We grew to become a product-oriented company, with a laser focus on creating a top-of-mind brand for intelligent document processing.

We have successfully worked with brands in several verticals and markets, including insurance, debt collection, banking, manufacturing & oil and gas. 


New funding & business team growth.

In February 2022, we cemented our position and future development with Seed series funding backed by Satus Starter and Sunfish Partners.

We’re building the self-onboarding, cloud-based web-app that will enable all business owners to automate their document workflows.


The future of document processing.

We keep on building a top-of-mind brand in the field of Intelligent Document Processing. 

Say Hi to the future of document processing.

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