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Conduct document classification, parsing, and tagging seamlessly.

The document classification feature enables you to work with bundled scans of documents by parsing and sorting them with user-defined tags.

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Document classification adjusted to your needs.

Documents shouldn’t be the overwhelming part of the job. When the avalanche of docs arrives, automated document classification helps to perform all pre-processing tasks seamlessly. Alphamoon recognizes the type of document based on the layout and helps assort them accordingly.

Parsing of automatically scanned bundles.

When documents are automatically scanned in a bundle, rule-based tools for document processing fail to deliver. Lucky for you, Alphamoon’s engine includes document parsing. Even hundreds of scans can be divided into separate documents, ready for further information extraction.

Document tagging for easier navigation.

Your baseline for segregating documents can be specific to your business case. Sometimes it is the particular case, vendor, or project that comprises a set of docs. Alphamoon’s tagging feature serves as your digital post-it cards, enabling you to describe any file based on your system.

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