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Improve your customer satisfaction by providing a more streamlined and efficient refund process with our IDP platform.

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Let’s face it – dealing with high volume of refund requests can be time-consuming, overwhelming and may lead to costly mistakes – on top of having to deal with the refunds themselves.

Alphamoon automates the step of pulling data from refund forms – such as reason, amount or customer ID.

That way you improve the offboarding experience, thus reducing the probability of hurtful reviews.

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Cutting-edge tech to work with your docs stack


Optical character recognition converts images, such as photos or scans, into machine-encoded text. The model handles low-quality so worry not about multilingual symbols, poor image quality, and stains.


The core feature of our technology is the powerful data extraction component. With AI and ML at its core, entity extraction understands the context of data fields. You can also customize the fields you’d like to extract.


Based on the contents and layout of the doc, the platform automatically labels the incoming files and sorts them. The first segmentation requires no manual work.


Connect Alphamoon with your stack through API or via Zapier. Add a database like Google Drive or OneDrive to source new documents straight to the document automation tool.


Have questions about the product? Read the most common ones, or head to the full FAQ below.

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What processes can I improve thanks to refund form automation?

Implementing Alphamoon’s online platform in your daily tasks means you’ll get data from refund forms and complaints automatically. This will enable you to simplify and speed up the process of handling refund requests, increase the overall accuracy, and reduce manual data entry errors. Streamlined and efficient refund process equals a smoother offboarding for churned customers and a top-class customer relation-building for those who encountered a minor hiccup with your product. Through this single automation, you establish a better process that strengthens your brand as the one that cares.

What formats can I process in Alphamoon?

The platform supports common file types, including PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PNG, JPG, TIFF, and emails. After data extraction, data appears in a file, ready to be downloaded as CSV or XLSX or safely imported into the internal processing system of your choice through API or Zapier.

What kind of data can be read from refund forms?

The recommended data set to extract from cargo manifest includes customer data (e.g. name, address, contact details, account information), purchase details (e.g. date of purchase, order number, product details, quantity, price), refund information (e.g. reason, refund amount, refund method, approval status), payment data (e.g. credit card number), or additional notes/comments. Depending on the specific contents of the documents, you can create unique labels for the data you wish to extract.

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