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Scan and process shipping labels without getting seasick and fix mistakes along the way to ensure the fastest turnaround and accuracy.

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Shipping labels include essential information about your supply chain, such as sender and recipient’s details, tracking numbers/barcodes and package dimensions – among other things.

Alphamoon scans and pulls the necessary data in a matter of seconds.

You get data about your deliveries much faster. Decision-making is easier and more accurate.

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Optical character recognition converts images, such as photos or scans, into machine-encoded text. The model handles low-quality so worry not about multilingual symbols, poor image quality, and stains.


The core feature of our technology is the powerful data extraction component. With AI and ML at its core, entity extraction understands the context of data fields. You can also customize the fields you’d like to extract.


Based on the contents and layout of the doc, the platform automatically labels the incoming files and sorts them. The first segmentation requires no manual work.


Connect Alphamoon with your stack through API or via Zapier. Add a database like Google Drive or OneDrive to source new documents straight to the document automation tool.


Have questions about the product? Read the most common ones, or head to the full FAQ below.

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What processes can I improve thanks to shipping labels automation?

Shipping labels automation offers significant improvements across various processes for businesses of all sizes. E-commerce retailers, supply chain managers, and customer support teams can gain a massive advantage by enhancing operational efficiency, customer experience, and overall control and visibility of the shipping process. This solution is equally beneficial for small, medium, and large companies. By automating the data extraction from shipping labels, businesses can streamline their supply chain operations, facilitating the smooth flow of information. This ensures timely and accurate tracking of shipments, reducing delays and errors in the process. Customers receive real-time updates on their orders, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, the automation of shipping labels benefits customer support teams by providing them with better insights and control over shipments.

What formats can I process in Alphamoon?<br />

The platform supports common file types, including PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PNG, JPG, TIFF, and emails. After data extraction, data appears in a file, ready to be downloaded as CSV or XLSX or safely imported into the internal processing system of your choice through API or Zapier.

What data can I get from shipping labels OCR?

The specific information found on shipping labels can vary depending on the shipping carrier, country, and the level of detail required. Here are some common data elements extracted: name, address, and contact information of the sender and recipient; tracking numbers, barcodes, package weight, and dimensions, as well as special handling instructions. Depending on the unique contents of your shipping labels, you can always create your unique fields of data that you wish to extract.

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