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low-quality scans into data at hand

Digitize various documents into structured data sets, ready for further processing. Choose OCR that recognizes tabular data and works like a charm with most Latin alphabet languages.


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Examples of  document files

OCR for reading invoices automatically.

Utilize the ready-to-use model for reading invoices, which includes over 30 unique fields defined (such as amounts, dates, addresses & more). Thanks to our integrations, you will optimize entire workflows - starting from inbox automation, and ending with transferring data directly to your existing systems or apps.

OCR do czytania danych z aktów notarialnych. 

Przetestuj OCR do odczytywania informacji z aktów notarialnych - 20 dokumentów dajemy Ci za darmo.


OCR for identity documents and passports.

Alphamoon reads data from Citizen Cards, IDs, passports and other documents in a snap. Take a picture drop it into our platform, and get names, surnames, dates and other details in just a few seconds. With integrations at hand, you'll power any process with incoming data.

OCR for receipts.

Stay on top of your cash inflow with an automated workflow for receipts. Retailer's favourite.

 AI OCR pairs well with other features

Alphamoon ML in PL



Automatically classify documents based on their contents and layout. Later, sorting, organizing, and retrieving will be a breeze.

Alphamoon ML in PL

Document data


Pull accurate data from your documents in a snap because of an AI-powered engine that understands content as humans do.

Alphamoon ML in PL



Get accurate data from tables with an option to edit fields, mask editions, or send data to other tools via API.

AI OCR on, issues with physical docs storage off

Use AI-powered OCR to digitize your documents. This way, they will be safe in the cloud, cheaper to store, and easily accessible whenever you or your team needs them. Let modern OCR prepare all the data for extraction and further processing in a blink of an eye.

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OCR for English, French, German, Spanish & more

If your company needs to process international invoices, bills, contracts, etc., Alphamoon is there to help. Our engine recognizes most languages based on the Latin alphabet, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Czech, Slovakian, Romanian, and Bulgarian.


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Which documents can I process with OCR?

The OCR works on invoices, purchase orders, receipts, bank statements, and notarial acts. However, the system can adapt to new types of documents.

How much does Alphamoon Workspace cost?

We offer three different pricing options for you to select from. You can choose the most suitable one, considering both the price and the number of documents you need to process.

How much time does it take to set up the tool?

Setting up Alphamoon is quick and easy! Just create your account, choose the custom process option, and specify which fields you want to extract from your documents. Once you’ve done that, your new process will be ready for you to upload your documents. So, in just a few minutes, you’ll be up and running with Alphamoon!

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What is AI OCR?

AI OCR (Artificial Intelligence Optical Character Recognition) is a technology that uses machine learning algorithms to recognize and extract text from scanned various types of documents, images, or PDFs.

It converts the extracted text into machine-readable characters, enabling further document processing. For example, your invoices and reports will be transcribed into structured tabular data sets, ready for other use and application.

Thanks to turning physical documents into digital formats, AI OCR helps you reduce storage costs, improve security and increase accessibility.

Furthermore, AI OCR significantly reduces manual data entry, enhances data accuracy, improves operational efficiency, and enables faster and more informed decision-making.

Modern OCRs (like the one in Alphamoon) can handle even low-quality documents, blurred text, or various types of stains. Our AI OCR recognizes text, tables, handwriting, stamps, graphs, and other layout objects. It prepares them for data extraction making processing error-free and fast.


What industries can benefit from AI-based OCR?

Here are a couple of examples of how Optical Character Recognition improves processes across industries:

Finance: AI OCR in finance can improve accounts payable and receivable processes by reducing manual data entry, minimizing errors, and accelerating payment cycles. AI OCR can automatically extract relevant information from even low-quality invoices, such as vendor details, invoice numbers, dates, and line item data.

Healthcare: AI OCR can convert physical medical records into digital format, making them easily accessible and searchable. This technology enhances patient care, enables faster retrieval of patient information, and supports accurate billing processes.

Debt Collection: AI OCR can process debt-related documents and automate extracting relevant information, such as debtor details, payment terms, and obligations. It enables faster analysis and decision-making in debt collection.

Logistics: AI OCR can extract relevant data from shipping documents, such as delivery notes, waybills, and customs forms. It enables efficient tracking of shipments and enhances logistics and supply chain management processes.