Check out some commonly asked questions we have gathered to give you a broader view on how our IDP platform works.

About Alphamoon

What is Alphamoon?

Alphamoon is an online intelligent document processing tool that empowers companies to automate document processing. With our online tool, you will pull data from any document, configure extracted fields, connect your archive, and work with the extracted content daily.

What is Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)?

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is a technology-driven approach that combines artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) to automate the extraction, understanding, and processing of information from various types of documents. It involves the use of advanced algorithms and techniques to analyze and extract data from unstructured documents, such as invoices, forms, contracts, receipts, or emails.

What languages does Alphamoon recognize?

Alphamoon’s AI-based engine recognizes and processes the most common languages in the EU, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Czech, and Slovakian.

What use cases does Alphamoon deal with?

Alphamoon helps you save time and money by automating your everyday tasks related to document processing. By implementing our IDP platform and integrating it with Zapier or API, you can supercharge your workflows within just a few clicks.

To give you a broader view – let’s say you wish our platform to automatically pull documents from your emails and then extract the exact data you specify. Or perhaps exporting information (text or tables) from Invoices to data sheets. In both cases – we have got you covered. Along with classifying and splitting documents, that is just the tip of the iceberg of what Alphamoon can do for you.

What document types and formats can I process with Alphamoon?

You can process documents formatted as PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, PNG, TIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG.

What kind of documents can I process with OCR?

Thanks to our advanced models (open model, supervised, and templates based on the zero-shot technology) using the Alphamoon platform, you can process any document you want in a snap. Invoices, receipts, passports, purchase orders, notarial acts, utility bills – you name it. Open model allows you to build your own process from scratch by defining all the data fields you wish to extract from your docs. Select supervised processes (Invoices, Receipts & Passports) whenever you want to take advantage of ready-made field selection for extraction and go straight to uploading your files. You can also choose one of our templates and use the suggested fields or add new ones and adjust processes to your needs.

What are the available language options in Alphamoon?

Currently, you can use the Alphamoon platform in English and Polish. To switch the platform language, go to the Your Profile tab and select your language from the drop-down list. Next up, hit the ‘Update settings’ button.


How much does Alphamoon cost?

We offer four different pricing options for you to select from – Pay as you go, Starter, Standard, and Professional. All plans are available in the Subscription tab on our platform. You can choose the most suitable one, considering both the price and the number of documents you need to process. If you have any questions regarding available pricing plans, feel free to drop us a line at support@alphamoon.ai.

Can I try out the platform for free?

Yes! If you want to give our platform a go, you can test it for free.


How much time does it take to set up the tool?

Setting up Alphamoon is quick and easy. Just create your account, choose the custom process option, and define the data fields you want to extract from your documents or use one of our ready-made templates. Next up, upload your files, go to Supervision mode if needed, and export your data. You can also integrate our platform with Zapier and API in a no-code configuration to easily set up end-to-end workflows.

Do I get assistance in implementing the platform?

Sure! In case of any difficulties with setting up our platform, drop us a line at support@alphamoon.ai. Our team will be happy to help!

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What tools can I integrate Alphamoon with?

Currently you can integrate Alphamoon with Zapier and API and more integrations on the go! If you want to learn more about example automations and how they can make your day-to-day work more efficient, we encourage you to check out our Zapier guides on:

How to integrate Alphamoon with Zapier step-by-step?

All you have to do is go to the Zapier & Alphamoon integration page and follow the given steps. In case you face any difficulties along the way do not hesitate to drop us a line at support@alphamoon.ai.

What are the benefits of Zapier integration?

By integrating Alphamoon with Zapier you say yes to numerous benefits. Here are some of them:

Improved efficiency & productivity within your team

Eliminating manual data entry and streamlining workflows means that you and your team can focus on what brings real value to your business.

Enhanced data integrity

We take care of minimizing human errors, while Zapier’s automation ensures that the extracted data is accurately transferred to the intended applications.

Automated workflow with no-code configuration

With Zapier, you can create Zaps that trigger actions based on document processing events. For example, you can automatically send notifications, update databases, generate reports, or initiate specific tasks when your documents are processed by Alphamoon.


Zapier allows you to connect Alphamoon with multiple applications and safely scale your document processing workflows as your business grows.

How long does it take to integrate Alphamoon with Zapier?

We already have a ready-made component that connects to the Alphamoon and can upload documents as action and export as a trigger. Setting it up depends on the application you want to connect. In less complex cases the whole process can take up even to 5 minutes.


Which processes can I improve through invoices automation?

There are many processes you can improve thanks to invoice automation. For example, automated invoice processing helps Accounts Payable teams process payments, create financial reporting, manage vendors and stay compliant. As a result, you get more optimized operations, fewer errors, and better efficiency, which saves costs.


What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

Optical Character Recognition is the functionality in which the document is scanned by the platform and “translated” from image to text. This means that the tool converts all of the contents into a machine-encrypted text.

What is data extraction?

Data extraction is a crucial step in the data processing pipeline. It involves gathering and transforming raw data from diverse sources into a structured format that can be easily analyzed, processed, used to trigger specific action, or stored in a database. It is Alphamoon’s platform core feature.

What kind of information can I extract from documents?

The type of information depends on your needs. Based on your request, as well as the type of document, you can extract names, surnames, addresses, amounts of money, etc. Want to learn more? Go to the Configuration of Extraction.

Can I adjust the information in the fields myself?

Yes. Although the automatic data extraction accuracy can reach up to 98%, you can edit every single one manually. You can also highlight words that Alphamoon didn’t deem relevant to create new fields.

How does automated table extraction work in Alphamoon?

Automated table extraction allows you to pull data from documents containing tabular structures in various formats. Using Alphamoon you can easily configure any field, including the table type and the header’s name. Whenever necessary, our tool enables you to approve or change table extraction results.

What are the options to export the extracted tabular data?

You can export tabular data in CSV or XLSX files. Through integration with Zapier and API, our platform enables you to export tables from multiple files to one spreadsheet where a row relates to one file and contains metadata about it along with the extracted data.

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