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Support your Identity Verification with OCR & data extraction.

Alphamoon pulls data from identity documents with up to 100% accuracy. Drag & drop your docs, and pull information about your customers within seconds.

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Extraction that works through noisy background

The distinct designs of passports and other identity documents can give a robotic headache to most extraction tools. Luckily for you, Alphamoon was trained on the most challenging scans and low-quality docs to handle them all.

Nearly 100% of extraction accuracy

Identity verification is critical in processes such as Know Your Customer. You cannot risk extracting the wrong data or making an error. Alphamoon achieves nearly 100% of field extraction accuracy, and thanks to the continual learning component, we remove the “nearly” part from the picture.

Designed to hum in your background.

With just a few clicks of initial process set-up, Alphamoon can automatically pull documents from a given repository and process them while you focus on your tasks. Check in whenever needed to approve or change extraction results. And don’t worry – you won’t actually hear a beep.

Improve your KYC process with document automation.

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