Automate complex debt management workflows

Save yourself from wasting time on manual work. Alphamoo translates into a higher recovery rate and process efficiency designed for debt management companies.

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Leaner processes bring higher recovery rates

Alphamoon transforms your manual routine into swift execution and data enrichment. Paperwork won’t be a chore anymore.

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Skip Tracing

Identifying contact information data reduces the time to establish contact. Extract data from documents and cross-reference the output with your database to make the skip tracing leaner than ever.

Alphamoon ML in PL

Speeding up advanced payments

Manage advanced payments in a simpler way thanks to the automated extraction of bank account numbers. Create a workflow to reduce the turnaround time.

Alphamoon ML in PL

Document data anonymization

Reduce risk of data leakage with the anonymization feature. Personal information will be safe, while you focus on growing your business.

Process optimization for KRUK S.A.

Alphamoon worked with KRUK S.A. – a leader in the Polish collections market – on optimizing the skip tracing process. With the introduction of document automation, KRUK S.A. processed large batches of documents much faster, and freed up the schedules of the team members.


time savings thanks to automation

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time to production from PoC

Thanks to process automation, employees do not waste time searching through hundreds of documents, which allows them to be engaged in more creative tasks. Our organization has reduced the time needed to obtain the information required in the processes. Both the cost and revenue side of KRUK S.A.’s operations were optimized.

Adrian Sutuła, Head of Skip Tracing at KRUK S.A.

Explore all docs automation opportunities for debt collection leaders.

State-of-the-art technology.


AI OCR feature converts docs into text, ready for data processing. Works like a charm on scanned documents and photos.

Entity extraction

Define the fields you want to extract, establish approval process with other users and save hours on automating monotonous work.

Document classification

Alphamoon works like your personal document assistant. Supervise the automation workflow, accept, edit, and review fields.

Multiple integrations

Export data as JSON, CSV or XLSX from PDF, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF. Adjust to your needs with ready-to-go integrations such as Zapier or via. API.

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Improving the debt management and collections system with AI

Document automation by Alphamoon can effectively speed up processes within debt management and collections systems. Debt collection involves several functions that can be automated, including the processing of bailiff’s advance payments, excess payment documents, anonymization of debtor data, document data matching, official registry data validation, data enrichment, documents stacking, and data extraction based on handwriting OCR for documents. Debt collectors often encounter issues such as uncertain fields and outdated contact data, which can be resolved through bulk processing and access to an updated database of addresses and other contact information to the debt law offices and courts. Through state-of-the-art technology, the platform speeds up, improves, and automates several of these matters ranging from collecting and processing debtor files to shortening the time to contact the client. Additionally, document automation can help improve accuracy and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. By automating the document creation process, debt collection agencies can focus their energy on other important tasks, such as communicating with debtors and negotiating payment plans.

Higher compliance through debt collection AI

Client data is of essential value to debt collection companies. Knocking on the wrong door may end up in costly court proceedings, while any data leakage damages the trust of both existing and future clients. Therefore, keeping debtor data safe is of utmost need. As means of maintaining a high degree of data security, each collection company should anonymize personal and contact information from documents once the financial liability of a given client is solved. Automated data anonymization in documents is an easy process that helps businesses comply with regulations concerning processing user data. While you keep access to the documents, the personal data cannot be found elsewhere, but in your own debt collection system.