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04 May 2022

Join the debtor tracing webinar with Alphamoon x KRUK!

On the 19th of May Alphamoon will host a webinar concerning debtor tracing in collaboration with the leading debt collection company in Poland, KRUK. The sign-ups for the event, conducted in Polish, are now open. Let’s take a look at the benefits for your business and how this webinar can help you make the right call regarding the automatisation of manual skip tracing processes.

Skip tracing, also referred to as debtor tracing, is one of the key processes in any debt collection business. Searching for people who avoid paying off their liabilities is no easy task, and requires plenty of manual work. Everyday work involved flipping through hundreds of pages in order to find the key information on potential whereabouts, connections or traces of the given individual – anything that can help establishing contact.

Although each case differs, there are certain types of entries in the documents that can be automatically extracted and then used as data that helps in debtor tracing process.

Recently, Alphamoon’s solutions expanded with automation of skip tracing. The AI-based tool uses OCR to scan and understand the document and allows to extract key data from thousands of pages, bringing them all together in one, secure dashboard. The platform is now reaching its point when Alphamoon introduces Intelligent Document Processing to be the core of the tool – read more about the IDP technology in our in-depth guide.

After initial research, Alphamoon’s begun a partnership with KRUK – a project that involved incorporating a tailor-made solution and implementing it for the best company fit. You can read more about the KRUK case study here.

The results of the collaboration were extremely satisfying – KRUK has reported a huge saving on both time and costs related to the process of debtor tracing. The time savings were estimated at 70% (understood as shorter time to complete the information collection from documents), thus the team was able to shift focus on actual tracing of debtors – rather than building any kind of structured database manually.

About the webinar

About the webinar

Szymon Bazan is an Intelligent Automation Specialist at Alphamoon, with 5+ years of experience in new technologies and tech advisory services. Szymon worked with European clients from various industries, ranging from consulting to finance and production.

The webinar will be a live event. The planned duration of the webinar is one hour; the last 10 minutes will be dedicated to a short Q&A session. The session will be conducted in Polish.

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