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Collect information from notarial deeds faster with document automation.

By automating the extraction of over 40 specific fields, Alphamoon assists in speeding up property appraisal and building databases containing only up-to-date real estate details.

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A simplified process.

Notarial deeds are large, unstructured documents containing data your office needs to process – such as client or property details. Alphamoon’s engine deploys AI-based OCR and data extraction to turn scanned notarial acts into text that includes key pieces of information. No matter how long the documents are, Alphamoon’s algorithm understands their contents and provides the necessary data.

Fresh data to feed into databases.

Alphamoon recognizes up to 40 fields from notarial deeds, which you can later download as a CSV file and upload to any database. By processing each document within minutes, your registry receives updated information – without costly delays.

User-focused platform.

Alphamoon supports user collaboration and multiprocess management. Leave comments, assign documents and validate the accuracy of extracted fields per each requested pipeline. Furthermore, you are in control of segmenting the files. You can create pipelines with each client’s documents or streamline all notarial deeds in one process.

GDPR compliance.

Alphamoon complies with GDPR requirements to meet the standards of the legal sector. Our platform guarantees a high degree of security thanks to a cloud-based form and an easy system for user supervision. We do not share the extracted data. Upon request, the machine learning algorithm improves only by processing your own input, thanks to a continual learning mechanism.

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Data capture from notarial deeds.

  • Land register number
  • Geodetic precinct
  • Lot number
  • Plot area
  • Registry data source
  • Dates concerning the right to perpetual usufruct of land
  • Building permit number
  • Zoning of the land (primary and supporting function)
  • Total usable area
  • Gross leasable area
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Location details
  • Buyer’s details
  • Seller’s details
  • & more

Alphamoon offers end-to-end document automation.

Benefit from all of the components of the Alphamoon platform.


Based on Artificial Intelligence, the OCR component converts any document format into processable text.


Categorize documents automatically and sort them according to your needs.

Document search

Find information on any employee, project, or client across your documents within minutes.

User supervision

Stay in control of your documents and verify the automatically extracted data whenever needed.

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