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A flexible cloud-based platform for processing purchase orders.

Alphamoon’s engine combines NLP and ML techniques to provide a complete tool for automated processing of purchase orders – from image-to-text conversion to data extraction and document classification.

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An automated PO process at your service.

Leave manual data entry in the past. Or to your competition. Automation of purchase orders removes confusing spreadsheets and data lost in the e-mails from the equation. Instead, you rely on a cloud-based tool that turns scans of documents into data sources. On top of that, you will keep extra money in your pocket, saved on order errors and returns.

Table extraction? Checked.

Tables in purchase orders contain essential details – names of goods, quantities, and prices – needed for processing the order. Where most legacy OCRs and document processing software fail, Alphamoon’s engine excels. The table extraction component speeds up the procure-to-pay process, achieving up to 98% of accuracy.

Higher inventory management standards.

Whether your vendors send standing purchase orders for repeatable orders or you provide discounts through blanket POs, you need to stay on top of your inventory. Delays in shipments or errors in quantities of supplied goods can harm your best relationships. Document automation significantly reduces these errors and sources real-live data to your management systems.

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Data capture from purchase orders includes:

  • Purchase Order number
  • Address details
  • Buyer’s data
  • Expected ship date
  • Vendor number
  • Total value
  • Quantities of goods ordered
  • Price per unit
  • & more

Alphamoon offers end-to-end document automation.

Benefit from all of the components of the Alphamoon platform.


Convert any document format into processable text with the OCR component.


Categorize documents automatically and sort them according to your needs.

Document search

Find information on any employee, project, or client across your documents within minutes.

User supervision

Stay in control of your documents and verify the automatically extracted data whenever needed.

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