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Automate receipt processing with OCR & data extraction.

Remove the burden of manual data extraction from paper receipts and save time with Alphamoon’s AI-powered Intelligent Document Automation tool.

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Real-time data capture from receipts.

Document processing just got easier. With Alphamoon, you are one click away from capturing, processing, and extracting structured data from paper slips and receipts, thanks to a powerful IDP platform.

Time-saving solution.

Stop spending hours on repeatable tasks – use a single dedicated tool to capture data from your receipts. Simply upload your documents and accept the identified information. The extracted fields are easy to locate in your collection tool, saving time on manual copy&paste work.

An OCR compatible with your tools.

Our platform supports all widely used file types, including PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PNG, JPG, TIFF, and e-mails. Once extracted, data fields appear in a file, ready to be downloaded as CSV or XLSX or safely imported into the internal processing system of your choice.

A powerful IDP to minimize error.

In your day-to-day work, receipts come in different shapes and states – multilingual symbols, poor image quality, and stains. Meanwhile, our engine’s performance results remain high, handling even the most challenging processing needs. Excelling where others can’t.

An AI that works for you.

Stay in control of your documents, verifying the automatically extracted data when needed. Thanks to the machine learning embedded in our engine, the platform will tell you if processed data needs your attention and learn from your input, increasing its accuracy and speed over time.

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What fields are commonly extracted from receipts?

  • Seller name
  • Seller address
  • Transaction date
  • Total amount
  • Cash and change
  • Payment confirmation details
  • Terminal no.
  • Seller ID

Benefit fully from Intelligent Document Processing.

Discover how receipt automation can propel your day-to-day work.

Increased productivity

Focus on work that matters and let Alphamoon take care of repetitive, automatable tasks.

Import/Export with our app

Simply log in to our SaaS application, process your data, and export it manually.

Cloud storage and mailboxes

Link services like Google Drive, Gmail, Exchange, Dropbox, and many more for smooth integration.

Multiple languages

Alphamoon works with receipts and documents in several languages, including ENG, FR, DE, and ES.

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