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Side projects

Research 4fun

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AI as a hobby

Curious how a lego robot learns to walk? Want to put your face onto a famous politician’s recording? See how we did it, and more, below!

Suit up!

Transform your casual selfie into a professional, formal shot.

By modifying CycleGAN loss function we obtained an algorithm that keeps the face and haircut unchanged, while adding elegant attire and decluttering the background.

Creating a professional photo for your social media profile doesn’t have to be a burden!

Stand out from the crowd

Track people and generate crowd density heatmaps in real time.

See how we adapted YOLOv3, a deep learning framework for object detection, to create an algorithm for precise detection and tracking of people in photos and videos.

Accurate, robust and resistant to overlaps.

Beware of scorpions!

This one is safe, though. It uses its tail to move, not to sting.

Watch the Raspberry Pi-based, Lego Mindstorms Scorpion learn how to move in an artificial environment of an Open AI Gym.

See the power of reinforcement learning and the improvement in just 200 epochs.

Scientific papers


Learn with Alphamoon


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Let’s study AI

Book a seat and join our series of detailed lectures and laboratories prepared by our expert instructors.

Note: this is a highly practical course, with strong emphasis on practice and hands-on experience!