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Debt collection & skip tracing automation.

Empower your team with AI-based debt collection software. From intuitive full-text search for documents to easy integrations with your existing systems, Alphamoon’s solution for the debt collection industry provides up to 70% of process optimization.

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Classify and process an unlimited number of documents.

Collection agents manage thousands of documents – job applications, financial statements, credit history, background checks, public information documents – in each debtor case. Alphamoon’s engine automatically classifies these documents without a cap on the number of pages to be processed. Your team can shift their focus on critical tasks, while the time-consuming skip tracing process is automated.

Manage debtor documents easily.

Assessing the Promise-To-Pay rate of a single debtor depends on numerous factors. The process of classifying documents and analyzing data takes up a huge chunk of your team’s time. With Alphamoon, you can save up to 70% of that time by automating the information extraction process. Your team reviews single debtor files much faster, thus increasing the overall capacity of all debtor cases your company can process, and with fewer errors made in the process.

Reduce human errors.

Debt collection comprises many error-prone and costly steps. Thanks to the automation of document processing, your team can easily classify debtor docs, find relevant data and recognize patterns in debtor’s behavior. By automating skip tracing, you reduce the probability of human-made errors. At the same time, this AI-based tool is your team’s assistant and debtor file storage.

Utilize the Full-Text Search from thousands of documents.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art AI – the core of Alphamoon’s platform – you can benefit from the Full-Text Search feature. Find answers to your queries based on an advanced semantic and contextual search system. Search for regular queries such as phone numbers, names, email addresses, physical addresses, and other pieces of information. Since your documents are stored in the cloud, all your team members can have access to the same collection of documents.

Categorize your documents.

Alphamoon’s platform allows you to search documents for data that fit into specific categories. Look for information regarding bankruptcy, clause, customer, contract, death, execution, fraud, objection, and termination & more.

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Data capture from any unstructured document.

  • Account number
  • Birth date
  • E-mail
  • ID number
  • KRS number
  • Mortgage register
  • VAT-ID number
  • ID number
  • Phone number
  • REGON number
  • Addresses
  • Names and surnames

Automation of skip tracing pays off. Here’s how:

  • Time savings. Automate the process and work efficiently on more debtor cases in less time.
  • Cost savings. Optimize your team’s capability and decrease operational costs.
  • Higher efficiency. Review documents of debtors faster and with better accuracy.

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