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Save time on splitting PDF documents with automation.

The AI-based Alphamoon platform recognizes separate documents within large PDFs thanks to Object Detection and Natural Language Processing mechanisms.

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Complex files, easy process.

Combining hundreds of scanned documents into one PDF is convenient when scanning. However, unpacking them is a different, rather messy story. Thanks to AI and ML algorithms, Alphamoon’s platform can recognize documents within a PDF and provide separate docs for further data extraction.

Works with any document type.

Process scans containing invoices, purchase orders, receipts, and other transactional documents. When paired with a data extraction module, Alphamoon speeds up the entire document workflow – from pre-processing PDF files to generating a file that includes all your raw data, assorted and ready for further work.

Alphamoon offers end-to-end document automation.

Benefit from all of the components of the Alphamoon platform.


The AI OCR component converts any document format into processable text.


Categorize documents automatically and sort them according to your needs.

Document search

Find information on any employee, project, or client across your documents in a snap.


Stay in control of your documents and verify the extracted data whenever needed.

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