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Reduce processing costs of timesheets with document automation.

With timesheet automation, you’ll manage payroll more efficiently without the sunk costs related to lost or mismanaged documents.

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Automated process for timesheets

Most temporal workers receive a salary based on timesheets. Alphamoon helps you create a timesheet template for your business specifics and then implement it for collecting data for payroll purposes. Our engine extracts data and converts it into CSV files directly into your systems.

No-effort implementation

Alphamoon can be deployed swiftly, and a sample of your documents is enough to teach the platform. Thanks to the machine learning embedded in our AI engine, Alphamoon increases the accuracy and processing speed over time.

A coherent view of your project: time, money & effectiveness

Data from automated timesheets provides critical insights into the scope of your projects. You’ll always know how much time has already been dedicated to a project, how many people were involved, and what was the payroll cost.

Strengthen your compliance

Automatic timesheets will resolve any issues of favoritism or disputes concerning pay. The data about wages can be immediately generated too, which accelerates your procure-to-pay process. That means a far more consistent forecast and control over your spending in any project.

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Data capture from timesheets.

  • Employee’s Name
  • Employee’s Surname
  • Job position
  • Supervisor’s Name
  • Supervisor’s Surname
  • Date
  • Clock-in time
  • Clock-out time
  • Signatures
  • Week starting information
  • Project name

Alphamoon offers end-to-end document automation.

Benefit from all of the components of the Alphamoon platform.


The OCR component converts any document format into processable text.


Categorize documents automatically and sort them according to your needs.

Document search

Find information on any employee, project, or client across your documents within minutes.

User supervision

Stay in control of your documents and verify the automatically extracted data whenever needed.

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