document reading and classification

Hire an AI assistant to do the tedious tasks for you. Divide documents, classify them, and extract information within one platform.

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The AI powerhouse that turns documents into sources of information


The OCR feature transforms images into text. Automatic classification introduces order, and the page splitting panel simplifies large collections of scans.

Data extraction

Use existing templates that fit legal tech processes, or create your own workflows in a couple of minutes. Get data faster and in a way that’s convenient for you.

Human in the loop

Supervise the entire automation workflow – accept or edit data, benefit from continual learning feature and keep log of the changes.

Export & integrations

Export data in the format of your choosing. Adjust the platform’s output and workflow to your needs with ready-to-go integrations such as Zapier or API.

How do we help businesses in various industries?

Debt recovery

Debt management companies hire Alphamoon to automate the classification of incoming documents from courts and bailiffs, as well as find debtor data faster with automated skip tracing.


Financial services providers utilize Alphamoon’s AI to gather insights from transactional documents – such as invoices and POs – as well as bank statements, and other complex documentation. 



Thanks to process automation, employees do not waste time searching through hundreds of documents, which allows them to be engaged in more creative tasks. Our organization has reduced the time needed to obtain the information required in the processes. Both the cost and revenue side of KRUK S.A.’s operations were optimized.

Adrian Sutuła, Head of Skip Tracing at KRUK S.A.

Alphamoon has successfully collaborated with leading companies in various industries.

Privacy and security of your data is our priority

Alphamoon is ISO 27001 certified, which establishes the highest standard for data processing and security. Our platform follows a privacy-by-design approach and is GDPR compliant.

Not sure yet? Start with single document extraction

OCR for reading invoices automatically.

Utilize the ready-to-use model for reading invoices, which includes over 30 unique fields defined (such as amounts, dates, addresses & more). Thanks to our integrations, you will optimize entire workflows - starting from inbox automation, and ending with transferring data directly to your existing systems or apps.

OCR for receipts.

Stay on top of your cash inflow with an automated workflow for receipts. Retailer's favourite.

OCR for purchase orders.

Use the ready-to-use template built for reading data from purchase orders. Get insights quickly, download information as xlsx or csv, and save time on working with documents.

OCR for identity documents and passports.

Alphamoon reads data from Citizen Cards, IDs, passports and other documents in a snap. Take a picture drop it into our platform, and get names, surnames, dates and other details in just a few seconds. With integrations at hand, you'll power any process with incoming data.

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