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Alphamoon streamlines the handling of official letters from courts, bailiffs, creditors, and banks, automating essential operations and saving up to 80% of document processing time. 

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AI-based document automation creates space for humans to focus on things that matter more than routine, manual tasks


The OCR feature transforms images into text. Automatic classification introduces order, and the page splitting panel simplifies large collections of scans.

Data extraction

Use existing templates that fit legal tech processes, or create your own workflows in a couple of minutes. Get data faster and in a way that’s convenient for you.

More features

Supervise the entire automation workflow – accept or edit data, benefit from continual learning feature and keep log of the changes.

Export & integrations

Export data in the format of your choosing. Adjust the platform’s output and workflow to your needs with ready-to-go integrations such as Zapier or API.

Privacy and security of your data is our priority

Alphamoon is ISO 27001 certified, which establishes the highest standard for data processing and security. Our platform follows a privacy-by-design approach and enables you to maintain GDPR compliance.

A game-changer for legal tech documentation

Debt recovery

Increase your company’s recovery rate by boosting contact information search process. A more reliable source of information speeds up your capability to help clients manage their liabilities.


Automation of processes such as Know Your Customer. On top of that – features like PDF pages splitting and data anonymization. A full-stack support of document workflows in banking sector.



Thanks to process automation, employees do not waste time searching through hundreds of documents, which allows them to be engaged in more creative tasks. Our organization has reduced the time needed to obtain the information required in the processes. Both the cost and revenue side of KRUK S.A.’s operations were optimized.

Adrian Sutuła, Head of Skip Tracing at KRUK S.A.

Alphamoon has successfully collaborated with leading companies in various industries.

The only document automation tool you need

You want a robust system for document automation

Documents arrive every month, and require lots of time dedicated to manual processing.

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Automated workflows for multiple types of documents, with user supervision and continual learning.


Your document automation needs solved

Save time on processing documents. Do it in a smarter, more sustainable way.

Why choose Alphamoon?


Of achieved f-score in data extraction.

10 Sec.

Needed per single document processing.


Less energy used than traditional tools.

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