Integrate through Zapier or API

Set up an end-to-end workflow to automatically source documents, process them with Alphamoon’s platform and upload data to your existing system.

Connect via API

By integrating your ERP, RPA, and CRM with Alphamoon Workspace through our API you will establish a smooth data flow, save time & costs, increase the team’s performance, and take the next huge step toward scaling your business. No hidden catch.

API integration
Zapier integration

Integrate with Zapier

Want to release the full potential of Alphamoon Workspace? Automate your workflow in a no-code configuration by connecting our IDP platform with Zapier – a tool for data integration between your favorite applications all over the world.

Integrate Alphamoon with various tools

alphamoon integration with google sheets

Export Invoice Data to a Google Sheet from Alphamoon

Read a step by step tutorial on how to move invoice data between Alphamoon and Google Sheets.

integrate alphamoon with gmail

Automatically Pull Invoices From Your Gmail Inbox

Read a short guide that explains a simple workflow created with Alphamoon, Zapier, and Gmail.

excel integration

Export Invoice Data to Excel from Alphamoon

Read a guide that explains how to export document data into Excel (both online and offline).


Need more info about the available integrations or future developments? Let’s chat!

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How to integrate Alphamoon Workspace with Zapier step-by-step?

If you want to integrate our IDP platform with Zapier follow our detailed Zapier integration guide where we will walk you through all the necessary steps or simply use Zapier’s official invitation link.

What are the benefits of Zapier integration?

By integrating Alphamoon Workspace with Zapier you say yes to numerous benefits. Here are some of them:

Improved efficiency & productivity within your team
Eliminating manual data entry and streamlining workflows means that you and your team can focus on what brings real value to your business.

Enhanced data integrity
We take care of minimizing human errors, while Zapier’s automation ensures that the extracted data is accurately transferred to the intended applications.

Automated workflow with no-code configuration
With Zapier, you can create Zaps that trigger actions based on document processing events. For example, you can automatically send notifications, update databases, generate reports, or initiate specific tasks when your documents are processed by Alphamoon Workspace.

Zapier allows you to connect Alphamoon Workspace with multiple applications and safely scale your document processing workflows as your business grows.

How long does it take to integrate Alphamoon Workspace with Zapier?

We already have a ready-made component that connects to the Alphamoon Workspace and can upload documents as action and export as a trigger. Setting it up depends on the application you want to connect. In less complex cases the whole process can take up even to 5 minutes.

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At Alphamoon Workspace, we have our own Zapier integration allowing you to populate your processes with new files and use the processed results connecting your processes to thousands of applications available on Zapier Marketplace. Convinced yet? Use the official invitation link, or drop us a line – we’ll be happy to guide you through the whole integration process.

API Integration

Our API gives you the ability to access and manage your company’s file information without using the front-end platform. If you want to learn more about Alphamoon Workspace API, feel free to visit our Documentation page where you’ll find all the necessary information to get started.