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Automatically anonymize information in documents.

Automate debtor data anonymization in credit reports, account statements, invoices, and other documents. Reduce the risk of data leakage and stay compliant with data governance practices.

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Avoid processing outdated data or data leakage

If debtor data is not handled correctly, your team might knock on the wrong door, which increases the risk of complaints, lawsuits, financial losses, and brand image damages. Alphamoon’s data anonymization feature helps you mitigate these risks. With our platform, your team won’t use outdated contact info anymore.

Integrate anonymized data between your systems and documents

Anonymization happens both in your internal systems and in your documents. You need an organized process of anonymizing pieces of information such as names, amounts paid, court orders, and so on. Alphamoon’s engine is based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to speed up the process and keep the wheels whirring while you focus on closing subsequent cases.

Alphamoon helps you build a better collection process

Alphamoon provides a complete set of solutions to automate document processing in debt collection. Our robust engine is built with components: AI-based OCR for scanning, Data Extraction, Pages Parsing, Document Classification, and Full Text Search. Depending on the process you’d like to automate, these components can be used to process excess payments and bailiff’s advance payments faster, anonymize data and search for information in large document compilations.

Benefit fully from Intelligent Document Processing

Debtor data anonymization provides several business benefits, including:

Risk mitigation.

Minimize the risks of wrongful data processing or processing the same info multiple times.

Productivity boost.

Let your team focus on business while Alphamoon works in the background.

Tighter process.

Anonymize the same kind of data in your internal systems and copies of the physical documents.

Multiple languages.

Alphamoon works with documents in several languages, including ENG, FR, DE, and ES.

Improve your compliance with AI for anonymization

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