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Search for debtor information in shorter time.

Find relevant information about a debtor – contact info, the bank account number, or amount to be paid. Save time on manual work and allocate resources more efficiently.

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Extract data from stacks of documents

Without automation in place, any particular search could be like looking for a needle in a haystack. More pages and sets of documents mean more manual work. When you upload your documents to our platform, Alphamoon’s engine reads and extracts any required data from them. That way, you can speed up finding the debtor’s bank account number for excess payment processing.

Automate processing the bailiff’s advanced payments

Initializing payment processes can be tiresome and dragged out, mainly when your data isn’t easily accessible. Delays mean incurred costs that you can easily avoid. Alphamoon’s search engine works on files consisting of any number of documents. Finding the exact amount to be paid and commencing with processing the bailiff’s advanced payment will now be easier.

Low quality of digitized docs? No problem!

Some digitized copies lack quality – a coffee stain here, a blurry print there. Even when your docs are messy, Alphamoon’s AI OCR feature can handle them. We train our AI models and improve them continuously with ML, giving you a platform that learns with your input. That way, our engine will process even the more challenging files.

Make space for more process automation

Alphamoon provides a complete set of solutions to automate document processing in debt collection. Our robust engine is built with components such as AI-based OCR for scanning and Data Extraction for gathering knowledge from files. You can also benefit from skip tracing process automation and debtor data anonymization.

Benefit fully from Intelligent Document Processing

A bunch of benefits for you to cherish automation even more:

Saved time.

Your team no longer needs to search for information in documents manually. It’s a matter of seconds with Alphamoon.

Fewer errors.

Document automation reduces the risks of human errors in the process.

Quick validation.

Waste no time on finding relevant information in your docs.

Continuous learning.

Machine learning in our models enables the platform to learn from your corrections.

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