Pull data from loan agreement automatically

Process loan applications and extract data from various sources with the help of our loan agreement OCR tool and take heaps of manual work off of your hands to focus on the bigger objective.

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Money talks, data whispers

Lendors deal with dozens of documents at a time, whether it’s loan agreements and contracts, or credit and finance agreements. They all differ by style, format and layout which all make handling them time-consuming.

Relieve data congestion with Alphamoon’s loan agreement OCR.

Devote your time to quality work and leave the data annotaion and extraction to our AI-based platform.

Take Alphamoon for a test drive. The first 50 documents are on us!

Cutting-edge tech to work with your docs stack


Optical character recognition converts images, such as photos or scans, into machine-encoded text. The model handles low-quality so worry not about multilingual symbols, poor image quality, and stains.


The core feature of our technology is the powerful data extraction component. With AI and ML at its core, entity extraction understands the context of data fields. You can also customize the fields you’d like to extract.


Based on the contents and layout of the doc, the platform automatically labels the incoming files and sorts them. The first segmentation requires no manual work.


Connect Alphamoon with your stack through API or via Zapier. Add a database like Google Drive or OneDrive to source new documents straight to the document automation tool.


Have questions about the product? Read the most common ones, or head to the full FAQ below.

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What processes can I improve thanks to loan agreement data automation?

As an investor, data analyst, credit union agent, or financial professional, you have to focus on swift turnaround times and responses to your customers. It’s a marvel that can only be achieved with the help of an AI-based automation that can parse through heaps of documents and categorize them based on your unique assessments in a matter of minutes, saving you valuable time and costs. With Alphamoon, you set up the process as you need. You define the fields that you wish to pull from the documents, and name them in the way that’s clear to you and your team.

What formats can I process in Alphamoon?

The platform supports common file types, including PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PNG, JPG, TIFF, and emails. After data extraction, data appears in a file, ready to be downloaded as CSV or XLSX or safely imported into the internal processing system of your choice through API or Zapier.

How does the custom model work?

The content and complexity of loan documents vary widely depending on factors such as the type of loan, the parties involved, and applicable laws and regulations. E.g., loan, credit, and finance agreements also have a crucial difference equating to unique data extraction requirements. A loan provides all the money requested in one go at the time it is issued; bank credit, on the other hand, provides the customer with an amount of money that can be used as required, using the entire amount borrowed, part of it, or none. While some data, such as loan amount and purpose, repayment terms, maturity dates, late payment, and default terms, can be universal, interest rates are not applicable in the case of finance agreements as they have no stated interest rates.

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