Anonymize data in documents automatically

Anonymization of customer data is essential for business that processes sensitive data. With Alphamoon, you will improve your data privacy and compliance standards.

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GDPR compliance at all times

When done manually, the redaction of documents is time-consuming and prone to costly errors. On top of that, you increase the risk of data misuse or leakage.

AI-based platform automatically masks the fields that contain sensitive information. 

Thanks to the data anonymization feature, you avoid the misuse of information–one less headache for your operations.

Let us help you complete your document automation project.

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The image-to-text technology works on various file types and languages. Trained on the hardest scans and outdated docs to tackle the toughest jobs.

Entity extraction

The core feature of our technology is the powerful data extraction component – finds personal contact data across many types of documents.

Document classification

The automated document classification feature comes with user supervision mode and editable tags.

Multiple integrations

Use Zapier or API integrations to create an end-to-end flow of information – from your documents to any business system.


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Which business processes are improved through data anonymization?

Data anonymization is recommended for companies in the finance sector, but also for any other industry where data governance is of utmost priority. Alphamoon’s tool can help optimize data management in debt collection processes, support Know Your Customer, and serve the public sector.

What is your pricing?

If you are interested in implementing data anonymization for your documents, talk to our sales. Use this form and we will get back to you ASAP.

How much time does it take 
to set up the platform?

The answer to this question is largely dependent on the complexity of your use case. Provide us with all the details about your use case to make sure we get back to you with the most accurate estimation.

Supported document files

OCR for reading invoices automatically.

Utilize the ready-to-use model for reading invoices, which includes over 30 unique fields defined (such as amounts, dates, addresses & more). Thanks to our integrations, you will optimize entire workflows - starting from inbox automation, and ending with transferring data directly to your existing systems or apps.

OCR do czytania danych z aktów notarialnych. 

Przetestuj OCR do odczytywania informacji z aktów notarialnych - 20 dokumentów dajemy Ci za darmo.


OCR for identity documents and passports.

Alphamoon reads data from Citizen Cards, IDs, passports and other documents in a snap. Take a picture drop it into our platform, and get names, surnames, dates and other details in just a few seconds. With integrations at hand, you'll power any process with incoming data.

OCR for receipts.

Stay on top of your cash inflow with an automated workflow for receipts. Retailer's favourite.

Explore the world of IDP

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Integrate data between your systems and documents

Anonymization happens both in your internal systems and in your documents. You need an organized process of anonymizing pieces of information such as names, amounts paid, court orders, and so on. Alphamoon’s engine is based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to speed up the process and keep the wheels whirring while you focus on closing subsequent cases.

If debtor data is not handled correctly, your team might knock on the wrong door, which increases the risk of complaints, lawsuits, financial losses, and brand image damages. Alphamoon’s data anonymization feature helps you mitigate these risks. With our platform, your team won’t use outdated contact info anymore.

A complete document automation experience

Alphamoon provides a complete set of solutions to automate document processing in debt collection. Our robust engine is built with components: AI-based OCR for scanning, Data Extraction, Pages Parsing, Document Classification, and Full Text Search. Depending on the process you’d like to automate, these components can be used across various industries:

  • Debt collection: to process excess payments and bailiff’s advance payments faster, anonymize data and search for information in large document compilations,
  • Retail: handle receipts, invoices and purchase orders for cost estimations and financial projections,
  • Banking: sorting documents with classification feature and supporting the Know Your Customer process.