Invoices processing automation. Save up to 90% of your time.

Forget about manual work. Alphamoon Invoices combines the power of OCR, IDP and machine learning to automate your document processing.

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One cloud-based space for all your document sources

Upload documents from your hard drive, connect your cloud storage or simply link your e-mail account. The platform will read your docs automatically.

Intelligent invoice processing

Grab your digital invoices, receipts or corrections and upload them into the platform. You can do it also in batches – every batch will be recognized as a different collection connected to different customer. Supporting images, PDFs and documents.

Data extraction & OCR

Alphamoon Invoices will extract all the data from the invoice, including positions from the list of products. No setup and rules creation needed.

AI that learns with your input

The platform will tell you which extracted data needs your additional attention. You can correct them manually. The platform will learn from your amendments, so it will not ask you about it again.

Further integration and data processing

When all data is extracted the platform will let you export it to the format you can import to your accounting application. So your assignment of invoices can be automated.

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Data capture from any kind of financial document.

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Company contact data
  • Document issue date
  • Document due date
  • Document number
  • Items on the document
  • Quantities
  • Prices
  • VAT ID
  • Summaries
  • Signatures

Shift from OCR to the newest technology of IDP.

  • IDP achieves up to 98% of data capture accuracy in comparison with OCR
  • AI-based tech that learns and adapts to your particular use case
  • IDP turns unstructured data into valuable insights and decision-making support
  • IDP seamlessly integrates with other tools that you use

And yes, it also applies to any handwritten invoice

Using AI means you can extract data with the accuracy close to human performance. No more problems with illegible and fuzzy documents.

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Seamless connection with the accounting platforms

You do not have to change your accounting software. Just integrate it with our platform and upload extracted data automatically.

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Seamless integrations of your invoices processing.

You decide on the best way to design your document processing workflows.

Import/Export with our app

Simply log in to our SaaS application, process your data and export it manually.

Cloud storages and mailboxes

Link your favorite services like Google Drive, Gmail, Exchange, Dropbox and many more.

Zappier connectors

Use our application but link it to the external platforms for smooth integration.


You may write your own app and connect it to our platform through standarized API.

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” Process automation in the case of our client’s activity will be one of the key success factors. Thanks to it, employees will focus on other, less mechanical activities that require more human attention. This will allow better use of their potential for creative and complex tasks”.
bosch Jakub Kułak, Data/AI Head, Chmura Krajowa

Let numbers speak for the quality of Alphamoon Invoices platform.

92 Automation
99 Accuracy
90 Cost reduction

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